My name is Wes Jones. I grew up in Canada and now live in California. I like to say I moved from the Big CA to the Little CA (I have been trying hard to get that to catch on, but no takers yet…). I illustrate, write, and love to create stories and new worlds.

As a child, I always wondered what I would do when I grew up.  It didn’t really bother me that I did not have an answer, but I was aware I did not have an answer. However, just recently, it came to me that I might as well start doing those things that I love the most like draw and tell stories; and, what has followed has been one of the most rewarding endeavors of my life. I can’t tell you how excited I am, every day, knowing that I am doing something I love.

The last five years have really been a remarkable journey and I can feel that my adventure has only just begun.

Below are some of my works to date:




I have written/illustrated and published three books

Little Gwen (2014)

Jacob and the Missing Moon (2014)

Taden Chesterfield (2013)


I have illustrated two books

Secrets of Self-Realization: Lord Dakshinamurthy Talks with the Sea (2014)

Anselam and the Academy of Self-Realization (2009)


I have one ongoing webcomic (updates twice a week)

Skunk and Fox (2016)